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Miraculous Matcha Skin Benefits - You Will Love it So Matcha

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Miraculous Matcha Skin Benefits - You Will Love it So Matcha


Before we get to the powerful skin benefits of Matcha, let's cover the basics of what matcha is and where it came from.

What is Matcha?

Matcha, also known as matcha green tea, is a powder that is made up of dried and pulverized leaves of the Camellia sinensis tea plant. Matcha is very similar to green tea, but it contains more beneficial antioxidants and nutrients. Unlike regular teas, matcha only undergoes minimal processing, which helps to preserve its nutrients. Matcha green tea has been linked to many different health benefits and has been used to promote wellness for centuries.

The Origin of Matcha

Matcha dates all the way back to the 7th century, when the Tang Dynasty in China steamed and pulverized tea leaves and formed them into bricks for trading.  Zen Buddhist Monks regularly drank matcha green tea to improve mental focus and enhance their meditation. Japanese monks visiting China to study Zen Buddhism brought Matcha seeds back to Japan and started planting them in Kyoto.  Gradually, Japanese Buddhist monks developed a new method of growing the green tea leaves, maximizing the health benefits of matcha. 

Green Tea Matcha

How is Matcha Made?

Matcha is unique from other teas as it is made with great care from plants that are grown in shade.  The plants are kept out of the sunlight to increase chlorophyll content, this gives Matcha its unique vibrant green color. During the first tea picking of the year, only the best tea leaves are picked. The leaves are then harvested, steamed, and air dried. The leaves are gently steamed to retain the chlorophyll, amino acids, and other nutritional components. The tea leaves are then de-stemmed and graded depending on their quality. This is to ensure that only the best leaves are turned into matcha powder. The last step is the grinding process where Tea processors grind the leaves into a very delicate fine powder.

The Miraculous Skin Benefits of Matcha

Anti-Aging Benefits - Matcha stimulates the production of elastin which gives skin a healthy tone and volume.  The high amount of chlorophyll found in Match also protects the skin against free radicals that cause sun damage, age spots, dry skin, and wrinkles. The chlorophyll which gives Matcha its brilliant color can also protect our skin from sun damage and reduce photo-photo-aging; this means less wrinkles and less sun spots. Chlorophyll also has powerful detoxifying properties and helps reduce the signs of aging. 

Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Acne Skin Benefits - Matcha contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which has powerful antibacterial properties that cleanse the skin of unwanted bacteria. EGCG also has powerful Anti-Inflammatory properties that reduce the redness associated with chronic skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. The tannins in matcha can shrink pores and reduce the production of oil associated with acne. Matcha is a wonderful natural herbal ingredient to incorporate into your routine; consider Matcha for teenagers suffering from breakouts and oily skin.

Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Matcha Benefits - Matcha is packed with polyphenols, chlorophyll, catechins and vitamins which have powerful anti-oxidant effects which keep your skin, hair and nails healthy, radiant and youthful.  The EGCG in Matcha is also an antioxidant, it promotes smooth supple skin and has the ability to rejuvenate skin cells and support skin structure. The high Vitamin K  content in Matcha is a key factor in its potent anti-inflammatory effects.  Vitamin K also promotes blood circulation, reduces dark circles under eyes, and diminishes puffiness.

Nourishing and Exfoliating Skin Benefits - The caffeine found in matcha helps to minimize dark circles and improve complexion for a youthful healthy glow. The delicately fine powder also helps to gently exfoliate skin by eliminating dead skin cells, while rejuvenating and nourishing the base layer of skin. Matcha is gentle enough to be used on young sensitive skin while also being powerful enough to give older skin the revitalizing boost it needs.

How to Use Matcha

There are several different ways to incorporate Matcha into your routine.  A very popular way is to use the matcha green tea powder in a face mask where it works as a gentle exfoliator while nourishing your skin.  There are also several products that use the matcha ingredient in soaps, face washes, and moisturizers.  You can purchase products that contain matcha and other beneficial ingredients, or you can make your own matcha-infused products with at-home ingredients. Matcha as an ingredient is gaining in popularity as people are discovering that it is a wonderful natural skin nourishing herb.

Matcha preparation

So what are you waiting for? Get your matcha on!

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits matcha has to offer for your skin, we have a matcha face mask that also contains neem and mint!


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