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Acai Soap with Amla for Face & Body - Botanicals for a Youthful, Supple, Glowing Complexion

Finally a soap that works

My skin feels soft and not dry. The smell is very pleasant.

Magic for my Skin

This was my second order of the soap as I realized how amazing it made me skin look. I’m African American with dark mocha skin. This soap gives my skin such a natural glow and has greatly reduced some hyperpigmentation on my chin, I rarely had breakouts to begin with, but now my skin is much more smooth and supple! This is my go to facial cleanser, nothing else is needed!


Because of a hormonal imbalance I get a lot of ingrown hairs and breakouts on my chin that leave marks. In a short time this
soap has helped to diminish that.
I used regular turmeric in the past but it stained my clothes.
This doesn’t do that.

Smells so good

I love the soap. It smells wonderful and the scent last. I use the soap to wash my cloth face masks as well, that I have to wear at work so I can smell the scent all day long. I am a forever customer.


It’s okay.

So far I have used it for 20 days and seen a little improvement but I’ll wait to see how it turns out later on.

This soap is wonderful it does what was said it will do..I will purchase again it takes very little to lather for now I use on my face only..

Great soap!

I’ve been using this soap for 5 days. And there’s a humongous difference in my skin, it gives my skin and shine & helps my skin feel smooth and takes away all the dark spots really fast!

Turmeric soap for face and body

I love it ... it helps with my acne and dark stop . Since I been use it my face is clearing up. I recommend it.

Giving it a try!

I saw a review for this soap and thought I’d give it a try. The shipping was really fast, I see some changes happening already. My skin is really sensitive and I haven’t had any negative effects from using it. I purchased 3 more bars.

Turmeric Soap For Face & Body - Turmeric Helps With Acne, Dark Spots, Blemishes, & Lightens Skin

Great cleanser

I get that clean cleansing feeling after use my skin looks very clear !

I love this soap

This soap has changed my face for the better! I never had a serious problem with acne, but this soap has cleared, brighten, and removed all blemishes!!! I just order my second bar! I will continue to purchase... Fast delivery and great customer service!!!!

iHeart nature products

I am a big fan of their soaps, Lavender Oil, Face masks and Salt scrub.

Turmeric soap and Neem soap have worked really well for my dry skin. It isn’t as dry anymore.
Lavender Oil as a facial massage oil is soothing and the skin feels soft. Love the fragrance.
The face masks- I love both the Turmeric mask and Charcoal mask. Good exfoliators and face feels bright and and refreshed. Both have suited my skin which is generally dry.

Turmeric face mask and soap

Still using; not sure yet about the clearness but will give both a couple more weeks


JUST BUY THE SOAP! This Soap in less than 6 months has even out my skin tone faded away any dark marks and most importantly has banished my Keratosis Pilaris that I had for YEARS on my chest went to a dermatologist about couple of years ago they prescribed something didn't work. Had super dry skin on my back that was often scaly bumpy this soap has made my back smooth like a babies bottom no more dry skin no more bumpy skin and a beautiful radiance to my skin. Of course I do drink water and eat quite well for the most part but I can't deny the difference this has soap made . As long as they keep making this soap I will buy it and their shipping is very FAST!

My Skin Loves It!

My skin loves this soap. I will definitely order again.

New attitude

It’s an amazing product absolutely love it!!


I noticed my dark spots on my back are starting to fade away and I’ve been using it for 2 weeks already. It also glows my skin.

Love Iheart soap

I love it. It rejuvenates, soothes and makes my skin softer and healthier. I have ordered the soap for the second time. I dont want to use any other soaps


I love it and will be ordering the soap again I wish you have a lotion to go with it that would be nice

The Best!!!

I’m 100% satisfied with my Tumeric soap! I love how it smells and lathers. It has brightened my dark spots and I’m truly happy!