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baby face

this soap is awesome. my skin feels as soft as butter. im looking younger and loving it. thanks for a awesome product

Glowing handsome skin.

I am pleased to have came across this product! thank you for including a natural and herbal sense into skincare. the melanin in my skin is spectacularly and handsomely Glowing.

The best soap ever👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

This soap is the best. I’ve been trying to remove my acne since I was a teenager, I tried everything but both was working with my skin until I found this miraculous soap ✔️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 now my acne is gone like gone lol I am so happy and it’s only been 11months since I started using it 👍❤️

The Best Soap on earth.

I did my 1st order in the fall of 2020, and since have placed 2 large orders to share with others. My skin is amazing after using the soap products. And my bathroom has the best smell that radiates into my bedroom. No regrets, just pure happiness. Thanks

Turmeric soap

Absolutely love it. Have ordered several times and will be placing a order today. My granddaughter is now using it to help clear up her skin. She rarely change anything because of her autism, but I finally talked her into it and now I have to hide my soap.


Just a few weeks I've been using it and I love it so far. My skin is no more like it was before. This soap leaves my skin so clean and fresh that around me, family and friends are speechless. I never had a soap that work this well. Thank you

the best skin cleaner healer soap I ever used

This is my first time using this product and when I tell you it is the best product I have ever used! I had black heads on my body and now using that soap I do not have them anymore. I had black spots in my face, used the soap, and don’t have it no more! oh my gosh I love the soap!


I’ve only been using this soap for days and I sware my skin tells me thank you in the shower everytime I use it! I’m in AWE! I can to use it for a month straight to see what consistent use does! Overall extremely happy! Potential LIFETIME customer here!

Powerful Cleansing

I love the tumeric soap and your product thank you I will be ordering again you are a blessing to me.

I love the body soap and the face mask with the oil. It’s amazing!

Absolutely Amazing

This soap has done wonders on my face. I’ve been battling w/ Acne & Dark Spots for about a year now. I tried so many products & nothing really helped. This soap had faded my Dark Spots & took away most of my Acne. I will be ordering again once I use my whole bar. Thank You so much for this amazing product.

I Love This Soap!

The absolute best! The Tumeric soap most definitely helps with dark spots and blemishes, I am a satisfied customer!

It Works!

I love this soap . I can definitely see a difference with fading away dark spots and blemishes .

Smells amazing all natural and helped remove most of my dark spots!

This works wonder

I have really dark inner thighs and this soap has brightened them so much. Everytime I shower 🚿 I use the soap 🧼. 🤗🤗🤗🤗 it is worth the money. I am very satisfied 😃😃

Love it

I think the price is kinda high but its well worth it. I ordered 10 pieces to get a discount. Love the smell and how it makes my skin feel after using it.

Neem soap

Works very well, will continue to use.cleard my dermatitis up .

I was worried I would need conditioner but there are the right amount of oils - and my hair is not greasy either - I love it!

Great Product

Definitely notice a difference in the dark spots I did have. It’s been 25 days, and so far so good. Will continue to use.

Yes I Love this product my skin looks youthful. I'll buy this product again.


Love all of the products! I was literally screaming with this one though. :) its really helped my red undertones. No shipping to hawaii though! 5stars all the way! Even the bamboo holder :) omg love them!

Moringa Ashwagandha soapI

I love the feeling of this soap. Not only does this soap make your body smell good,But the fact you feel each herb doing its own thing, on your body. I am going to order some more. Thank you!

Turmeric Soap

I got great results from using it, however, pieces of the clove buds are pointed that tends to poke your skin while using it.