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All natural skin care is not created equal. Experience the difference with us.

Formulated for Results

Have you ever been disappointed that a product claiming to perform miracles for your skin fell short of that promise? That's because, commercial skin care is formulated to have a long shelf life and not formulated for self-care; just read the ingredient list.

We believe skin care essentials need optimal blends and concentrations of the best ingredients, such as Turmeric, Neem, Lavender, etc. This allows for the intrinsic wisdom of the ingredients to work synergistically and holistically to nourish your skin.

Designed by Doctors

We thoroughly research and study all ingredients. We allow the intrinsic wisdom of the botanicals to work synergistically and holistically to nourish your skin.

We are doctors who encourage a whole person wellness approach to health. We are meditation trainers, natural wellness enthusiasts, and holistic healers. We champion active self-care, starting with premium natural skin care ingredients.

Inspired by Nature

We believe in clean ingredients that are responsibly sourced and sustainably produced. Our products are inspired by healing traditions of Ayurveda and Herbalism.

We believe in giving back and have partnered with 'Trees for the Future' and '1% For the Planet. For every product sold, we plant a tree.

For Every Product Sold, We Plant a Tree

We partner with 'Trees for the Future' to help plant trees. We also give back as a '1% For the Planet' partner.