Step 1
Apply Cleansing Face Oil
Pump Oil onto Palm, Massage Oil Onto Face, Use Slow Firm Motion, Massage Deep Into Pores, Removes Makeup, Sunscreen, Dirt, Toxins
Step 2
Apply Steam Towel
Prepare a Warm Steam Towel, Avoid Scalding Heat, Apply Steam Towel to Face, Relax for 1-2 Minutes, Allow Towel to Cool
    Step 3
    Rinse with Warm Water
    Use Towel to Rinse Off Oil, Rinse Towel in Hot Water, Apply Steam Towel to Face, Wipe Face Gently with Towel, Rinse Face with Warm Water
      Step 4
      Liberate your Skin
      Clears Oil Clogged Pores, Removes Toxins, Cleans Off Makeup, Dissolves Impurities, Softens and Nourishes Skin