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Surprising Neem Skin Benefits

Surprising Neem Skin Benefits

For those familiar with Ayurvedic medicine, natural ingredients, and using neem for beautiful skin, it comes as no surprise that Neem is increasingly being used in today’s skincare products. However, for someone more accustomed to the chemical-heavy choices on most drugstore shelves, seeing Neem on a product label might cause a bit of panic. Fear not. Neem is not only safe but extremely beneficial for maintaining beautiful skin.



What is Neem?

Neem trees have been an integral part of Ayurvedic medical practice in India for ages. Cultivated in their natural environment, the Neem trees’ leaves, bark, and seeds are used for a variety of purposes from pain relief to stopping the spread of fungal infections. But, recent years have seen an uptick in the use of Neem for skincare.


Benefits of Using Neem

It has anti-aging properties.

Most anti-aging skin care routines involve exfoliating scrubs that damage and irritate the skin; Neem does the opposite.  Among its many other properties, Neem is anti-inflammatory, giving products containing Neem the ability to reduce inflammation at the site of skin disturbances like acne or blackheads, reducing your chances of scarring or hyperpigmentation.

Additionally, Neem is rich in Vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production and infuses the skin with antioxidants to protect against free radicals.  Collagen production reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, keeping the skin smooth, healthy, and vibrant.



It helps with acne treatment.

In addition to being anti-inflammatory, Neem is also antiseptic and antibacterial.  These properties are aided by the presence of quercetin, a flavonoid that has been tested in cancer treatments and studies since 2011.  In short, quercetin kills reproductive acne-causing bacteria. This makes it possible for creams, spot treatments, and cleansers containing Neem to not only help reduce the appearance of acne but possibly slow or stop future breakouts as well.

It heals dryness and reduces redness.

Neem seeds are used to create Neem oil, a naturally moisturizing product that contains numerous fatty acids like oleic and stearic acids.  When Neem is incorporated into your skincare routine, your skin is able to absorb these acids without leaving a greasy sheen. Furthermore, these acids are absorbed deeply, penetrating all layers of skin and treating the superficial as well as chronic dryness.

While moisturized skin is reason enough to use Neem for beautiful skin, because Neem is anti-inflammatory, it aids in greatly reducing skin redness.  While skin redness occurs for a number of reasons such as prolonged sun exposure and small abrasions, in most cases, skin redness is your body’s way of alerting you to inflammation.  Neem oil controls the body’s response here while also addressing the underlying issue.


It works as a DIY skin toner.

Because of the high concentration of fatty acids in Neem leaves along with their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the Neem leaves can create a gentle yet potent toner. Using neem leaves have the ability to firm, smooth, and protect the skin without the use of alcohol or other harsh additives.

To create a toner out of Neem leaves, simply boil the leaves in water, then allow the solution to cool.  Next, strain the liquid, apply it to a cotton round, and rub it evenly around your face.  Once it dries, proceed with your normal skincare routine.

Whether it’s used in its natural form, or in combination with other natural ingredients, using Neem for beautiful skin is an effective and beneficial alternative to skin care products sold in your favorite stores.


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