Urban Living: Connect with Nature in the City

Did you know studies have shown a correlation between living in a space with a window view that includes natural elements and having superior memory? This ability to connect with nature on a regular basis is a big deal. According to a recent study, more than 50% of...

The Importance of Self-Care

"I don't have the time" is a phrase commonly heard coming from people we love, and one we've most likely used ourselves when considering the importance of self-care. Realistically speaking, finding the time for self-care seems impossible when stacked against our...

Skincare: the Benefits of Fenugreek

Over the years, fenugreek leaves and seeds have served many purposes. Said to have derived from Western Asia, the staple —in conjunction with clover and vetch— has been grown to feed cattle, flavor wine, and is an especially common ingredient in curry dishes. But,...

The Importance of Small Business

In 2017, 108 million people supported local entrepreneurs during Small Business Saturday -- the annual holiday which follows Black Friday-- generating $12.9 billion.  This annual holiday serves as a reminder of, both the power and importance of small businesses to the...

5 Tulsi Benefits for Skin Use

The name Tulsi may not be immediately recognizable but you’ve likely heard about it by one of its other common names—Holy Basil, tulasi, or even Elixir of Life. Tulsi is an herb that stems from the same family as basil, and its popularity skyrocketed in late 2017...

Turmeric Benefits for Your Skin

Turmeric Benefits for Your Skin Turmeric is generally known as the flavorful spice at the base of many Caribbean and Indian food dishes. However, in recent years, turmeric has found a purpose beyond the kitchen due to its most active ingredient, Curcumin -- an...

Surprising Neem Benefits for Beautiful Skin

For those familiar with Ayurvedic medicine, natural ingredients, and using neem for beautiful skin, it comes as no surprise that Neem is increasingly being used in today’s skincare products. However, for someone more accustomed to the chemical-heavy choices on most...

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