The Importance of Small Business

In 2017, 108 million people supported local entrepreneurs during Small Business Saturday — the annual holiday which follows Black Friday– generating $12.9 billion.  This annual holiday serves as a reminder of, both the power and importance of small businesses to the greater economy.  However, supporting small businesses is about more than the financial rewards.

Purchasing with purpose

When you shop small, you are making a conscious decision to purchase something from small business owners, rather than their corporate counterparts. As a result, the money you spend goes towards helping these business owners further their dreams. This enables the small business owners –who often funnel their proceeds into the local community or dedicate a percentage of funds to supporting a charitable cause– to grow their companies, leading to an increase in local job creation.

Buying a product becomes much bigger than your personal enjoyment or satisfaction.  You’re contributing to the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Protecting the environment

Shopping small also promotes environmental stewardship.

Every business has a responsibility to protect the Earth and to run an environmentally sustainable operation.  However, small businesses make this a priority. So, not only are you supporting entrepreneurship by shopping small, but you’re also supporting environmentally friendly practices.  These practices stand to benefit us all.

Here at iHeart Nature, we create products made with all natural and organic ingredients, avoiding the harsh chemicals that are harmful to your skin and to the environment. We also produce our products in small batches, enabling us to reduce waste while ensuring every product meets our highest standards.


The next time you make your shopping list, think about the products you can buy locally.  Even if it’s just one item, that single purchase will have wide-ranging, positive implications far beyond your transaction.


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